Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!

I’ve been doing my first rotation in psych and it has been kind of . . . . .Crazy.

sorry, they don’t call me big pun for nothing

actually they don’t call me big pun

Today was the second to last day which I’ve been counting up to since we started. I’ve figured out how to channel Tim Gunn and make it work but it’s not fun. I just want to get back to blood and poop and urine and health care. The stuff where we learn techniques and take down empirical data, make judgments and take action based on thousands of years of experimentation, evidence and results. Mental Health Care is just a little too slippery for me to hold comfortably (on a locked down unit) for 5 weeks. It doesn’t help that the previous 2 generations of my family include 2 psychologists, 2 psychiatrists and a family therapist.

In point of fact it does help, regularly. But having grown up around mental health talk everywhere, I come to my clinical placement with a bucket of salt.

Next week I start pediatrics and I cannot wait. I have my final in Psych on Friday and just gained a whole day for studying. I found out this morning that my instructor called out sick. This was extra convenient since I’d slept late and woke with only 11 minutes to get out the door.

So of course I’m hitting the books! Just as soon as I have a slow breakfast, watch a little tv, blog, nap, maybe make some cookies. . .
What do you want? It’s my free day!


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