Monthly Archives: October 2008

Don’t cough out loud

So it would appear after 14 weeks of placing nose to grindstone I have finally managed to catch myself one hell of a cold. I’ve got runny nose, sneezing, cough, feverishness and what I like to call wet sweatsock throat (the feeling not the smell. . . although, you tell me)

The problem is my school doesn’t allow us to get sick. At least not on clinical days. The rule is if you get sick enough that being around patients is not a good idea then you MUST stay home and you lose one letter grade. Let it happen twice and you fail your clinical.

Cute huh? Ironic too since, as my roommate just pointed out, we can skip the assigned readings, not come to class, be openly and vociferously rude to our professors and still pass. Come down with something potentially communicable however and you’re as out of luck as the chicago cubs.

Looks like I’ll be downing some Dayquil, washing my hands like a mad woman and claiming bad allergies if anyone asks about my sniffles.


Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!

I’ve been doing my first rotation in psych and it has been kind of . . . . .Crazy.

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