Bleh and Buddhas

Sorry for the L-o-o-o-o-o-ng delay in posting. I keep wanting to update everybody with this rapid fire massive education I’m getting but the truth is lately I’ve been abiding by the, “if you can’t say something nice” dictum. Don’t get me wrong, I still really love it.  The whole thing.  The classes and the readings and the clinical experiences and the tests and the projects.  I love how much I’m getting to learn. But there have been some . . . disappointments.

Some were personal and existed mostly on the homefront and which have since been completely rectified.  Well actually kind of wrecked-ified first but ultimately I did something hard and lived through it and learned and grew and all that crap.

But on the school front?
Where I put all my heart and soul and intellect and money?
Things have been sort of disheartening

It’s hard to accept that not everyone at my school wants to get everything they possibly can out of our short education before heading out and starting to help hold people’s lives in their hands when those people are unable to hold on for themselves. Some people want grade inflation, easy first job placements and a fancy alma mater to brag about and disparage far into their professional folded arm, gum smacking, eye rolling futures.

Also sometimes an amazing institution with a wealth of possibilities and a wide population of brilliant teachers and learners learning how to save peoples lives is also a great big money making machine that makes decisions based on bottom lines not common sense or common goals.

Right. I know. I wasn’t gonna say anything

SO. Instead I’m posting about dancing Buddhists. And demon subjugation.

That’s right.  You heard me.

This past weekend I went to see ritual Bhutanese dances

It was called Cham! And was a presentation organized by the Rubin Museum practically in my own backyard at socrates park.

This one’s called Dance of the Terrifying Dieties

And this one is Dance of the Black Hats with Drums

Both were part of traditional Bhutanese demon subjugation and were done for free all around the city this summer in public parks.  I’ve had some close calls with demons lately so this was pretty timely.

It’s hard to say what exactly the best part was.  Seeing the buddhist monks perform in front of a gold spray painted Chevy Nova on a trophy stand or watching them react to it


One response to “Bleh and Buddhas

  1. Is that telephone video? Thanks for the great website. And all the cryptic stuff- well said. No more demons.

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