Test Patterns

Next week I have 3 exams. The following week I have 2 exams. After that no exams. For a week. Then 3 more exams. But then I get 2 weeks with only 1 exam! Of course the following week has 6 exams over 4 days.

Today I got all giddy and started boppin’ around to some music as I tested myself on the autonomic nervous system, and the modes of transmission through a cell membrane, and the hormones involved with stimulating the anterior pituatary gland, and I realized that I actually sort of know my stuff! Heck, I could probably explain pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics if you really pressed me.

Then I sat down and cried for about 20 minutes for no apparent reason.

These are very interesting times my friends. I seem to be falling apart and coming back together again several times a day.

When we build muscle we do so by causing tears that our bodies repair with the muscle growing back bigger and stronger. They call it “tear and repair”

I think maybe we build nurses the same way


3 responses to “Test Patterns

  1. Oh my. That’s a lot of exams in a short time frame. You go girl!

  2. Thanks! I’m doing some late night studying for the last of the first five as we speak. Believe it or not, I actually got a 100 on my pharmacology test! Which makes me wonder if perhaps I’ve just been dreaming this whole thing and any moment I’ll wake up = )

  3. Hi,
    fellow nurse here. Ahhh…yes I remember those days – study group, junk food, tests, junk food, clinical….lots of junk food. But it was all worth it. I also work in the ER which is fantastic. Little bit of everything. Best of luck!!!! Dr.RN


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