Monthly Archives: June 2008

Test Patterns

Next week I have 3 exams. The following week I have 2 exams. After that no exams. For a week. Then 3 more exams. But then I get 2 weeks with only 1 exam! Of course the following week has 6 exams over 4 days.

Today I got all giddy and started boppin’ around to some music as I tested myself on the autonomic nervous system, and the modes of transmission through a cell membrane, and the hormones involved with stimulating the anterior pituatary gland, and I realized that I actually sort of know my stuff! Heck, I could probably explain pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics if you really pressed me.

Then I sat down and cried for about 20 minutes for no apparent reason.

These are very interesting times my friends. I seem to be falling apart and coming back together again several times a day.

When we build muscle we do so by causing tears that our bodies repair with the muscle growing back bigger and stronger. They call it “tear and repair”

I think maybe we build nurses the same way



That’s the sound of me coming up for air.

I realize I haven’t posted since the last day at school that was work. And today was the 8th day at work that is school.

Yesterday, in class, I think I actually forgot my name.

No, not because nursing school is like the military where you sacrifice the self for the unit. . . although they do use military time in emails.

“We will see you at your first clinical assignment at 0800”

But there is SOOOOO much to do, and read, and think about, and integrate, and remember and repeat. Plus very very soon there will likely be people in hospital gowns who need me to do things like bed-baths and blood pressures. And in the meantime there are all these other students, and professors, and clinical instructors, and teaching assistants. Today in the library I’m pretty sure I saw med students. You can tell by how loud they are.

And I am nervous and excited and exhausted and delighted.

Also I love it.