Monthly Archives: May 2008

The last day of our acquaintance

So the odd thing is that I have been waiting for my last day of work for more than a year. Some might say obsessing over it.

But today it actually came. And while I really wanted to jump for joy as I walked out of the building, what I found myself doing instead was crying.

Because even though this place has driven me crazy at times and made me steaming mad at others, its also been my home. And the people there, even the crazy ones (and maybe especially the crazy ones) have been my family. And it’s hard to walk away from your home and your family without at least a few tears.

So many sweet people had such kind things to say to me as I packed up my things and got ready to move on. And of course we all promise to keep in touch. It’s hard though, because we always say that. Usually we even mean it. But only rarely do we do it. I wonder, can you still hold on to the value of a friendship, even after you say goodbye for what turns out to be the last time? Too melancholy? Probably.

Anyway, this was the gift that they gave me at my goodbye party:

I and the Village

Its a framed painting done by one of our students. It’s called “I and the Village”. It means more to me than anything money could buy.

Boy, good thing I get to start nursing school next week or I might get super depressed!


What do you do after everythings done?

School starts in 10 days.

On Wednesday my nursing shoes arrived.

On Thursday I bought a computer.

Friday my digital voice recorder was delivered.

This Tuesday the first 20k disbursement of my giant student loan is made.

I got my haircut, and my backpack, and my new school email address. I’ve bought my books, and completed the required reading, and next Wednesday my roomate will be moving in.

I’m not actually sure what to do with myself now that all my list items have checkmarks. Maybe I should lay out what clothes I’ll wear for the first day, and plan what I’ll pack for lunch. I’m really really really eager to get started.

Can you tell?