H.R. Crap n Crap

I’m gonna get all kinds of crap for school! I gotta get shoes and uniforms and Medical Utensils!!


And I get to wear scrubs to work!! And when I arrive at work, it’ll actually be school. Ok I gotta calm the heck down, I think I may sprain a bliss muscle.

When I was working at the animal hospital I used to get to wear scrubs everyday. I L-A-Z-Y loved it. They had a laundry service so you just came in, grabbed some clean scrubs and maybe a jacket, and then dropped it off at the end of the night. You only had to wash your real life clothes like every 3 weeks if you planned it right.

. . .does that mean my real life got less wear than my scrub life?


Scrub Life hear I come!


2 responses to “H.R. Crap n Crap

  1. You RAWK! Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You’re everything I wish I could be. AND I can fly HIGHER than an EAGLE! Cause your my bestest friend and I love you lots and stuff. Way to go, Jess.

  2. Scrubs and sneakers are the dream life. Especially when you get poop on you… haha.

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