Allow myself to get ahead of myself

2 years and 1 month ago I decided that instead of doing whatever the hell it was I was doing with my life, I was going to be a nurse. An emergency room nurse. Even though the only failing grade I ever got was in chemistry (it was a fifty, bet ya didn’t know they gave fifties), even though I had spent the last however many years making theater or art or sort of anything but real money AND! even though I’d finally landed a job I didn’t totally hate and which paid me very well, well not very well but better than ever b4. That’s right. Screw all that noise, I’m gonna be an RN!

So I powered through, and got the info and the game plan and the pre-reqs and the grades. I had a long dark, obsessive affair with the GRE but finally realized that you can’t try to change people, you have to accept them for who they are.

And then I managed to get myself into a very prestigious and overall freakingly awesome nursing program that offers not just the RN, and Super Quick I might add, but also the masters as in “hi there, i’m your Nurse Practitioner, would you care for some primary care?” If I want I can apply to extend the program to 5 years and then I become. . . ladies and germs. . . a doctor of nursing. that’s right. all while getting to go to school! with a bunch of nerds like me!! at a fancy pantsy schmantz school!!!

guess which one I picked?


4 responses to “Allow myself to get ahead of myself

  1. Somehow, by the name of your blog, I guess Dr of Nursing Practice? What program does it in 5 years? That’s pretty short. Most offer the DNP post NP in a three year track. Not sure if one more year post NP is enough. It’s a lot to learn out here and cramming it into a quick program may not do the students justice.

  2. Yup it’s pretty quick. The bright side is how heavy it is on the clinical side requiring 2 years of residency so hopefully lots and lots of hands on learning. There are actually several schools currently offering the rapid fire DNP some in a 4 year post bachelors and some at a very rapid 2 year post NP clip (that’s the one I’ll be doing if all goes as planned). I think this quick path is part of the whole potential change in NP requirements coming soon

    It’s a big bad world wide web out there, so id’ just as well not name which school I’m heading to. Let’s just say it’s one of the newer DNPs out there and so far carries a pretty good rep.

  3. Queen of Everything

    Hang in there. The fast tracks are a real challenge. I can’t imagine trying to cram all I did in my education into just 5 years. And I don’t have a doctorate.

    I look forward to reading your blog. Keep us posted! The fast tracks are a new phenomenon that I find intriguing.

  4. Thanks Queen of Everything! I definitely will keep you posted with postings as this journey continues.

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